About the Program

Empowering Military Families

How it Works

We help students from military families on their educational journey. We equip them with the knowledge and life skills they need to thrive.  At the same time we provide meaningful employment opportunities for military spouses – wherever they are deployed.

Teach4Service leverages best-in-class technology and resources that can be individualized for each student, creating a consistent online community that understands the unique challenges and circumstances today’s military families must navigate.

Kids connect with their tutors and receive other learning through some of the very best online collaboration tools from companies such as Masergy, Cornerstone and Microsoft.  Wherever in the globe our military kids are stationed, they can access the help and support they need from a compassionate and knowledgable tutor – often from another military family!

Other students can benefit from this tutoring on a for-fee basis.  For every tutoring session you purchase, you also donate one to a military kid.   You also are employing a military spouse or someone else in need of mobile, flexible, and meaninful work. 

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